November 17, 2017

State Directors

NASA Lies works with local and national leaders in the flat earth community to support groups, other nonprofit organizations, and activist organizations who are considered grassroots activism throughout the nation.

Your State Directors are most likely the most knowledgeable flat-earthers that you most likely will encounter.

I assure you that the people I have chosen to be a State Director for NASA LIES, Inc.,  are the best guides that I have found.

State Directors truly care about your Flat Earth group, your organization and your presence in your community. Your State Director can assist your organization in reaching your goals and ensuring success. The growth and stability of your organization is the prime concern for your State Director.

Are you interested in becoming a State Director to represent NASA LIES, INC? Are you ready to go meet politicians and even speak in public schools? It is time for us to protest the Free Masonic structure within the government that we may set people free.

The National Field Director at this time is Brother Ernest or Sister Kellie. The National Field Director implements the blueprints of the President of NASA LIES, Inc and that is the sole concern for the NFD.

Each State Director meets the requirements of 10 hours a month in flat earth activism. This is usually done in debate or in public activism.

If you have any questions about our State Directors program or if you would like to become a NASA LIES State Director, please contact Sister Kellie or  Brother Ernest.