November 17, 2017

Local Partners

So, what is a NASA Lies Local Partner and why is the Local Partner different than an Affiliate?

Unlike an Affiliate, a Local Partner is more like the arm of NASA LIES working locally in your state. A Local Partner is considered NASA Lies, Inc Texas, NM, MA, IL…

A Local Partner is a personal extension of NASA LIES corporate office and outreach. A Local Partner is a Stationary Earth aware group or organization that is officially one year old and has at least regular meetings and has a local political presence in your state. Local Partners and Affiliates do not have the authority to bind NASA Lies Incorporated into any contract.

Local Partners receive better discounts on merchandise thereby increasing profits for their group locally. Special pricing on Direct To Garment printing, laser transfer printing, screen printing and our direct to porcelain printers ensure maximum profit during your promotions.

NASA Lies also extends to its Local Partners national media attention and even the backing of a tax-exempt organization which is a valuable tool to a stationary earth organization. NASA Lies will host conferences for their Local Partner where profits are shared on sold merchandise and any donations received by NASA Lies will be shared with the Local Partner.