November 15, 2017

Legal Center

NASA LIES, INC is determined to protect the civil rights of Flat Earthers who are discriminated against. NASA Lies is committed to the protection of our liberties as Flat Earthers who stand against the corruption of the control system under which we live.

As a flat earth aware organization, we understand that atheists are far more religious than the average American who attends church or a Jew who attends synagogue on a regular basis.

Brother Ernest was a former American Atheist who worked at American Atheists, Incorporated and you should be absolutely sure that an atheist will come unglued at the mention of the Flat Earth. They will get so upset they will nearly want to fight you for exposing their religious belief in NASA. I had an atheist evict me from the premises illegally where I was a tenant, I was not behind on any payments, but the irritation of the landlord against NASA LIES resulted in an illegal lockout.

Churchgoers, when shown that they do not exist upon a spinning ball will become so angry that they will forget most flat earthers are extremely religious. I have not understood why a so-called Christian will accept what public schools teach and to build their religious doctrine off of falsities like the big bang, evolution, dinosaur…

What do the atheist and average religious person have in common? The atheist believes that they live upon a spinning ball that holds water to the moving ball flying at 670k mph in fake space. Both the atheist and the religious are duped by Free Masons.

Because of this overwhelming discrimination by the pushers of the globe belief, NASA LIES will file a legal action if a case has  merit

One this is sure, the Flat Earther will be discriminated against.

It is our desire at NASA Lies that none of our members are treated differently than anyone else. It is the goal of NASA Lies to file lawsuits that will be successful to create more favorable laws to build and strengthen the protection of our liberties. Although Brother Ernest is not an attorney licensed to practice in any of the states in the United States, his knowledge of legal situations is founded in the proof of his court cases you may view online.

NASA Lies files cases when the facts fit clearly into the bedrock of our common laws. In other words, NASA Lies will file cases that we will be able to win based on the present state of law. I cannot waste thousands of dollars on lawsuits that given the facts and evidence, the state law at this time, and the dispositions of a given court, Flat-Earthers are doomed to lose. We will lose not because of evidence proving our earth is flat, but we will be discriminated against. NASA Lies looks for clear violations of the Constitution and state laws that protect us.

If you find yourself in any situation that you are being discriminated against due to  Free Masons in government who are against your stance on the flat and stationary earth, feel free to reach out to Brother Ernest or the staff at NASA LIES.

We will investigate your claims and send notices regarding the law or we will advise you to seek an attorney which NASA Lies has on retainer for flat-earthers across the United States of America.