November 15, 2017


Since 2014, Brother Ernest started as a Flat Earther and after several years of study, Brother Ernest is no longer a Flat Earther. He openly supports the Theocentric Concave Cellular Earth position.

Brother Ernest thought the earth was flat until he realized many of the flaws in the flat earth religion. After trying to resolve the flat earth errors on the star trails and attempting to measure the flatness of earth he conceded defeat to the concave model. 

NASA Lies is dedicated to advancing the rights of any person who realizes that NASA is lying. The officers and or the state directors are more than excited to go speak at your organization or group.

Over the last few years, NASA LIes has fought to defend the rights of Flat Earthers with legal actions, lobbying federal and state government and engaging in protests and other public actions to ensure to the public that Flat Earthers live among the world’s system. Now he will aid the Concave Earthers.

Members of NASA LIES staff are frequent guests in media to defend our policy positions and advocate for the acceptance of those that realize they live upon the stationary earth.

NASA Lies is building a robust and diverse community of more than 100 partner groups and affiliates across the nations and we work with advocates and coalition partners in all 50 states.

NASA LIES provides resources to those seeking information about the stationary earth, its history of other religions and so much more. NASA Lies maintains a speaker’s bureau for universities, clubs, and churches.

DON’T FORGET GO SHOPPING AT OUR STORE. NASA LIES IS ABLE TO CUSTOM DESIGN MUGS, GLASSWARE, T-SHIRTS AND HUNDREDS OF ITEMS FOR YOUR BUSINESS OR RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION. Remember, our organization is a printing school. NASA LIES does make a profit on items made and sold but the profit is used to further flat earth awareness. 

The government wants us just dumb enough to believe the nonsense that is peddled and never smart enough to see through the media or the agenda of those in charge. They want you blind to the truth.

Brother Ernest loves the challenge of the NASA Lies awakening.  This is his most important message we have on our earth.

In essence, I believe the most important thing we can do as stationary-earthers who are awakening would be to stop eating meat. I know, a lot of you still long for the taste of flesh,  but do understand something very clear that which you’re eating was tortured.  Eating meat is something that you should quit instantly.  Eating meat will actually slow your awakening. I want you to be wide awake.

I know you will wake up and realize that there is nothing in meat that you can find that is beneficial to your body. The Creator gave us herbs to eat and vegetables and fruit to nourish our bodies throughout the day.

When you stop eating meat you will learn to love those around you and most importantly, yourselves. I want you to love one another and protect each other.  Be strong and of good courage for we have a great fight ahead of us. It will be a fight we will talk about for generations to come.

I am just happy to be awake with you my friends and our members.

May the Creator cause our paths to cross. I can’t wait to meet  you face to face, Brother Ernest

Many people are so happy and excited to meet Brother Ernest while he is out flat earthing, well now concaving at universities.

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