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Thank you for visiting NASA Lies Inc., is a non-profit educational
organization established in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. NASA Lies,
Inc., the mission is to lecture, debate, present, publish educational
information concerning the flat and stationary earth and similar topics.

The earth is flat and the video above was taken from a  helium balloon launch that was filmed with

a wide angle lens. Therefore, no Go Pro Fish Eye effect was edited in the video.

NASA Lies was birthed in 2014 when Brother Ernest woke up to the flat and stationary

earth while working at American Atheists Inc., Brother Ernest was ordered by David

Silverman the President of American Atheists., Inc., and Blair Scott to discredit those

who believed in the flat earth. Brother Ernest attempted to prove the flat earthers were


Brother Ernest was immediately unsuccessful in debunking the flat and stationary

earth. The moment that Brother Ernest learned that the earth was flat, he knew there

was a Creator.

This site is not about finding a Creator as one might even be an atheist and accept the

mathematics and observable science demonstrating the flat and stationary earth.

Now, I do not know how long that person will remain an atheist.

If you are interested in finding out more about Brother Ernest, the former American

atheist who removed student-led prayer out of over 500 public districts in the

Commonwealth of PA, click the photo below. is currently under development and until then, click the photo below to

be taken Brother Ernest’s flat earth website.


NASA Lies is currently undergoing construction to educate you on the flat and stationary earth.

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Pilot Amandio82 proves the earth is flat. Notice, there is no curve. This pilot proves Eratosthenes wrong as you can observe that the sun is not 90,000,000 miles away. The sun is certainly close and all the so-called spherical-math is wrong.

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