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NASA Lies Incorporated is a non-profit educational organization based in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

NASA LIES was founded by Brother Ernest in 2014 in Pennsylvania after he awakened to the lie of the globe earth. For the next 3 years, Brother Ernest traveled the United States preaching and lecturing schools, colleges, and churches that the earth is flat and stationary.  Brother Ernest moved his family to Massachusetts in 2017 to grow cannabis and focus on NASA LIES and educating the masses at Harvard and MIT that the earth is flat and stationary.

Brother  Ernest has been a public Flat Earth activist since 2014. In 2013, Brother Ernest was assigned the position at American Atheists, Inc. under David Silverman.  As an atheist activist, Brother Ernest’s work was in attempting to refute the Flat Earthers who were beginning to be public. After researching the flat earth, Brother Ernest realized the flat-earthers were onto something. THEY WERE RIGHT!

Brother Ernest and his family have filed a lawsuit to force public schools to teach the truth about the flat earth.  All scientific evidence proves a flat earth by observation.

Brother Ernest has been featured on basically every news outlet on earth. Times of Israel, Fox News, ABC World News, CBS News, Wolfe Blitzer, the 700 Club and so many other news outlets that you are familiar with.

As the President of NASA LIES, INC., I am committed to forcing public schools to present a curriculum on the flat and stationary earth.

Let us get right to the point. We should be able to measure any noticeable curvature with my own eyes. You and I both should be able to measure curvature or flatness from any vantage point on the earth.

The rate of the non-verifiable curvature of the globe using your calculation are as follows.
The earth is supposed to measurably curve by 8 inches per mile squared. Let this chart composed in Auto-Cad be our reference. Any engineer who reads this chart will be mathematically silence and forced to admit the mathematical problem. The simple distance by which the naked eye can see utterly refutes this globe measurement.

The distance the Nikon P900 is able to view proves we live upon a flat earth.

The math presented in this chart does not belong to flat earthers. It is the math given to us by public schools. It is 8 incher per mile √.

curve math

This rate of curvature is based upon…

I took this footage below with my Nikon P900 while kneeling 3 feet off the ground. These videos instantly debunk the globe theory you believe in. Ships do not disappear over the imaginary curve.

Look at the distance of the turbines. Seeing the turbines this far away proves we live upon a flat and stationary earth.


I know what you’re thinking, that I should be seeing this water curve somehow? Or, maybe the researchers of NASA Lies are just not high enough in the air?

Let’s be honest, nobody has ever seen water curve. That’s impossible. When we go to an ocean we see the flatness of water.

Hundreds of miles of flat water since the earth is not spinning or rotating.

Sea Level and a calm sea are the absolute proof that the earth is not spinning 1,000 mph at all.

A calm and stationary sea is all the proof you need to show that the earth is stationary.

Pay special attention to this video of the calm sea. At 30 seconds the sun is shown to lift off the horizon because the sun never dips below a curve.

Earth is flat just as the water finds its level position. Water rests flat because the earth is flat. This calm sea proves that the earth is not hurling through space at 670,000 mph.

That is utter religious in belief.

Now that we have looked at sea level, let’s have a look at hot air balloon level.

The earth is flat where no fish eye lens filter is used.


This is the earth with a fish eye lens filter added into the photos.

Now, let’s have a look at airplane height. We know the earth is level because passengers have filmed their flights using levels proving the earth is not a sphere. When maintaining level flight you level your sight with the horizon because the earth is not a curve. All airplanes will fly flat. Airplanes fly on a plane and thus, an airplane is not called airglobes.


Let’s fly at 35-40k feet and see the flat and stationary earth. Notice how close the sun is. The sun is not 93,000,000 miles away. It is right there, so very close.


Now, let a helium high altitude balloon climb 125,000 feet upward and we are able to see over 420 miles in all directions. This proves the earth is flat. Where the flat earth a sphere as you’ve been lied to by Freemasons called public and private school teachers we should see over 22 miles of dropping curvature in all directions. Yet, we do not see this.

This is all the emphatic proof you need to be shown to admit that you’ve been deceived by government propaganda.




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Thank you for visiting NASA Lies Inc., NASALies.org is a non-profit educational organization established in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. NASA Lies, INC., the mission is to lecture, debate, present, publish educational information concerning the flat and stationary earth and similar topics.

The earth is flat and the video above was taken from a  helium balloon launch that was filmed with a

wide angle lense. Therefore, no Go Pro Fish Eye effect was edited in the video.

NASA Lies was birthed in 2014 when Brother Ernest woke up to the flat and stationary

earth while working at American Atheists Inc., Brother Ernest was ordered by David

Silverman the President of American Atheists., Inc., and Blair Scott to discredit those

who believed in the flat earth. Brother Ernest attempted to prove the flat-earthers were


Brother Ernest was immediately unsuccessful in debunking the flat and stationary

earth. The moment that Brother Ernest learned that the earth was flat, he knew there

was a Creator.

This site is not about finding a Creator as one might even be an atheist and accept the

mathematics and observable science demonstrating the flat and stationary earth.

Now, I do not know how long that person will remain an atheist.

If you are interested in finding out more about Brother Ernest, the former American

atheist who removed student-led prayer out of over countless public districts in the

Commonwealth of PA, click the photo below.

NASALies.org is currently under development and until then, click the photo below to

be taken Brother Ernest’s flat earth website.


NASA Lies is currently undergoing construction to educate you on the flat and stationary earth.

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