April 2, 2019

The Concave Earth

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All the evidence you need to realize that FLAT EARTH DOGMA is a failed hypothesis. We do not live upon a flat earth, there is no verifiable dome above us and nor is there an infinite plane of land under our feet. We live inside of the Concave Earth. Click the photos below to go to the video links.
We live inside of the Concave Earth
Here are the main reasons that I have found that prove to me that flat earth is a failed hypothesis. Let’s examine the claims of flat earthers together.
This is a great video to watch and learn why the claims of flat earthers are baseless.
Former flat earth engineer bails on flat earth with FORCE! HE rejects Flat Earthism for Concavity.
Watch as FTFE is shredded by ELA FAKI our NASA LIES Moderator.


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