November 16, 2017


Activism and education are the main focus of NASA LIES.  Brother Ernest has always been an activist with stern positions exposing the crimes and the fraud of the United States Government. However, being an activist is simply not enough, we must be grounded in our education exposing the Free Masonic system under which we are slaves. Our education must make us better humans and more stable as guides in the earth.
With activism and education, NASA Lies will raise the standard and the profile of the average flat earther. We will normalize flat earthers in the mind of the public. NASA Lies will force debate with our community projects, billboard campaigns, and our educational resources and workshops. NASA lies encourages the millions of flat earthers who are hiding to come forward and be bold. Embrace this life we live upon a flat and stationary earth.
Being a public flat earther in your city, town is of utmost importance. There are so many flat earthers all over the nation that as a collective group with participation in the nation’s political system, which by the way is rigged. It is a fact that voting on a local level is vital to our safety and concern.
Knowing that the legal system is rigged, what would happen if a flat earth activist became mayor simply by writing himself/herself into the ballot? A lot could be done locally with a flat earth politician or flat earth activist who is a mayor, district attorney. You must understand, flat earthers are basically, everyone from all backgrounds.
NASA Lies would like to increase your participation in increasing the visibility of flat earthers. You can pressure all levels of government to pass legislation that will aid all flat earthers. Ask for a flat earth recognition day in your house of politics.
It is my hope to train local activists all over the nation to work with their elected officials to show grassroots support for protecting our rights as we pass through this wicked government that controls us.
For questions concerning flat earth activism please contact Brother Ernest, Sister Kellie or Sister Heather.