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    • Dear Brother Ernest

      Thank you for depicting the Earth in the correct manner, I pray in the name of Immanuel (Isaiah 7:14) that God will bless you for all your hard work, I also know the truth about this closed system that the Most High created as God revealed it to me in prayer.
      Space doesn’t exist, NASA (National Academy of Space Actors) was created to hide the firmament & other lands beyond the ice wall after Admiral Byrd visited Antarctica, God created 2 lights in the sky, Polaris is directly above the North Pole & stars fixed to the firmament circulate in perfect formation around it, the Earth is firmly established it can’t be moved, the sun moves Psalms 19 verses 1-6, Ezekiel 1 verses 22 -28 (voices from the firmament) Isaiah 40:22, Joshua 10:13, proverbs 30:4, The Book of Enoch accurately describes how the Sun & Moon work however it was removed from the bible, there’s a massive Jesuit/Masonic/Reptilian Bloodline conspiracy going on, its all smoke & mirrors, Bible says Earth is Flat, God Bless X

  • Admiring the hard work you put into your site and detailed information you offer. It’s good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed material. Wonderful read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account. agegkdeddedb

    • Thanks for stopping by and visiting us at NASA LIES. We are always building the website to make NASA LIES more informational.

      Brother Ernest. Keep in touch sir.




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  • I just watched brother Earnest’s video where a guy in a star wars shirt was heckling him, lol reminds me of how the apostles we’re heckled by the medium when they were preaching, I’ve known the earth was flat for a few years now and would like to get into making videos and documentaries about flat Earth and the Bible, any tips or ideas are always welcome. Please feel free to look me up on Facebook, my profile pic is a city in the clouds. From Chamberlain SD. I don’t know if you know of them but Rob Skiba and Mark Sargent are the main people who were questioning the shape of the earth when I started being interested and researched it myself,. I think you did a great job on the video I seen, especially for not getting upset enough to chew star wars guy out, lol, he was hilarious though. Hope you send me a friend request on Facebook or something and we can chat about it.

    Bill Woehl

  • I do have one question that I haven’t been able to explain scientifically, how do the stars in the southern “hemisphere” seem to spin around a southern polar star? I was asked this question and could not find any explanation, especially since it seems to be visible at all points from the south. You have been at this a lot longer than me, and so far this is the only thing I have run into that Flat Earth doesn’t have a satisfactory answer to as far as I know about. Any ideas?

  • For me, the scientific observations and test that made me a believer where:

    1) My own telescopic view of the stars and Saturn. Initially, I believed something to be wrong with the telescope – not focusing – when observing the stars. I looked at Saturn next and found it very strange. It appeared as if it were under water. I thought, “What the heck!” A couple of years later, I saw people reporting and presenting video evidence of similar observations. I immediately realized my telescope was just fine.

    2) The orange test: This is the simplest test, yet we have been so profoundly indoctrinated and conditioned that we don’t think to apply it.
    Take an orange (anything spherical will do) and take a drill and drill a hole to opposite side. At what depth and what gravitational forces turn the drill and the operator rightside up to exit at the opposite end?

  • Whoever said the world is flat is dumb i watched all the videos on here none prove the earth is flat lmfao dumbass

  • I almost believed in flat earth , the storylines seemed so realistic for a moment , then read more into and did experiments and realized it’s all smoke and mirrors and misleading articles , you people are disgusting for manipulating people who believe this stuff, couple experiments and common sense says this is all nonsense , I mean 98% of articles and so called flat earth proofs are actually globe truths and swapped few key words and phrases to trick people , then again most won’t even take time to realize what I said cause it’s not a meme or over dramatic video done by a wannabe smooth talker. Have fun with your fairy tales, stop having these groups pop up in my feed I’m over all the nonsense.

  • Bunch of liars and frauds. Posts get deleted and people get blocked from the FB page if anything contradicts flat earth. The whole flat earth movement is a farce and you are disgusting for misleading people. Thousands of years of experiments that prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the earth is a globe yet you deny them all simply because you don’t understand them. Your defence tactic is to block and delete. Says a lot.

  • So now the latest tactic is to report the reviews that they don’t like on their FB page and have them removed. Are you guys afraid your flat earth myth will come crumbling down? Oh wait…it already has by thousands of years of proofs. Science is real, observable and can be tested. Having posts and comments deleted means you don’t want your lie to crumble!!!

    • We did not remove your comments on FB because we are “afraid” of your comments. We removed the comment on FB bc of the constant nagging. There are not thousands of years of proofs of a globe. The globe has never been proven.

      Science is real and claims may be reproducible and tested unlike the belief in the globe. The only problem is that nobody can reproduce NASA’s claims except NASA who only uses CGI.

      You hold absolutely NO credibility or even a leg to stand on until you can show this curve you believe exists. The earth is flat and that’s a fact.

      • The globe has been proven a thousand times over but YOU DENY ALL OF IT.

        And you absolutely removed comments because you are afraid. Otherwise you would have proved those people wrong and participated in a debate. Instead you ran away with your tail between your legs and deleted. Also removing the review section on your FB page?? Why do that?

        Eratosthenes proved globe earth over 2000 years ago before NASA. The CGI claim is your go to term because you deny all of the photographic evidence from NASA and from space agencies not even affiliated with NASA. Oh yes there are space agencies other than NASA. SpaceX just had their launch and guess what…NOT NASA!!!

        There are over 1200 proofs of globe earth on the Flat Earth Society page. Go and disprove EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM and then maybe we can talk. Let me know when you are done.

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